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Ask Us About the latest technology in detoxification, The Far Infrared Sauna!

The ReviveLife Clinic is pleased to introduce to you the latest technology in health and wellness for detoxification, The Far Infrared Sauna. The Infrared sauna allows an individual to perspire at a very comfortable lower temperature than conventional saunas. Your body will absorb the natural healing rays from the pure ceramic heaters to promote healing.

Increasing evidence indicates that not only are we exposed to more and more chemicals and carcinogens in the environment each day beginning from plastic diapers and baby bottles for our children to the plastic bottles that our purified water is in. These chemicals can be stored in our joints, adipose cells and organs and ultimately lead to chronic degenerative health conditions.

An indication of this was found in the Biosphere II study run in Arizona where a psuedo earth environment was created in a biosphere and participants where to live inside this controlled environment. Upon analysis it was found that the participants started leaching toxic heavy metals although there were none of these metals present in the Biosphere. Researchers concluded that the environment was promoting the detoxification of these metals from stored cellular sources from within each participant.

Studies at the Mayo Clinic proved Far Infrared manages the worst cases of Heart Disease. Many Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors confirm also results with Asthma, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Skin Cleansing, ADD/ADHD and Autism.

According to Sat Dharam Kaur author of “ The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Prevention of Breast Cancer “ Every woman should be using Far Infrared Sauna to prevent breast cancer. ” – Sat Dharam Kaur”. Dr. Sherry Rogers author of numerous books including “ Detoxify or Die” indicates that “ Far Infrared Sauna Therapy is better than Chelation in removing toxic metals, plastics and pesticides from our bodies”.

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FAQs Infrared Sauna

Why should I consider this treatment?

Each day we are exposed to a continuous amount of chemicals and toxins in the environment. These toxins can be deposited in adipose tissue, organ cells and eventually be associated with chronic degenerative health conditions. Disease and Wellness are at opposite ends of a health spectrum with most people falling somewhere in between.

Our mission is to facilitate Your Path To Living in Optimal Health. Apart of this process is to Disease Prevention. One of the most ideal ways to achieve this is through regular detoxification. The body’s innate ability to perspire is its way to self regulate and clean. When this mechanism is hindered or we don’t exercise sufficiently toxins are stored in our bodies.

There are many benefits from using the Infrared Sauna which are all linked to allowing the body to detoxify and thus promoting all organ systems. Many environmental chemicals are lipophilic , meaning they are attracted to fat and so we store them in our fat cells. The skin accesses these fat stores through sweating and thus perspiration allows these toxic by products to be released from our bodies.

What is it?

We are excited to introduce the latest in biotechnology for Wellness Programs, The Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS). The benefit is that it is a safe form of radiant heat at lower temperatures ( 40-60 degrees Centigrade) than conventional dry or wet saunas (90-115C). This allows the impact to be deeper into the tissues thereby releasing 15-20% more toxins- principally cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins ( ie herbicides and pesticides), heavy metals ( ie mercury and aluminum), sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat soluble toxins is not found in sweat from normal exercise. Mercury is the most toxic element on earth, second only to plutonium and is found in mercury dental fillings and vaccinations.

Why is sweating good for you?

Toxins we accumulate from everyday life are stored in our fat cells. Whatever your body can’t easily eliminate via the liver or the kidneys, it sends off to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat. But since we live sedentary lives and live in a cold climate and spend our summers in air conditioned rooms, we just don’t sweat enough. And since we live in a time of unprecedented chemical exposure, from air, water, and food, we need to assist our toxic elimination via sweating. It’s been proven in studies at the Mayo Clinic. SaunaRay has a doctor from Harvard Medical School working with it, as well as several doctors in the Toronto area who us it in their practices. The proof is with the hardest cases, like American soldiers exposed to Agent Orange who removed 97% of dioxins from their bodies by sweating for 6 weeks. That’s after carrying it for 20 years!

What are the health conditions that the Far Infrared Sauna has been proven to benefit?

Some examples of the health conditions that it can benefit include:

Heart Disease: The Mayo Clinic studies in the 1990s showed all 37 participants afflicted with congestive heart failure – the inoperable kind of heart disease – displayed improvement and some even got off their medications after about 6 weeks of regular sauna therapy at low heat. Blood pressure , both high and low blood pressure individuals have shown equalization of the BP readings.

Weight Loss: Studies reported in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that 30 minutes of continuous sweating in a sauna will burn 300-600 calories, similar to rowing or running for the same duration of time.

Asthma: Dr. Jozef Krop (a SaunaRay customer) showed in sauna therapy studies in the 1980s the chronic asthma in a patient exposed to industrial chemicals from the petroleum industry was alleviated in about 4 weeks. SaunaRay customers have reported going from using an asthma inhaler 3 times per week, down to 3 times per year. That’s after about 2 months of regular sauna use.

Fibromyalgia (Chronic Pain disorder): Dr. Alison Beste, M.D. of Scarborough, one of the top chronic pain specialists in Canada, uses SaunaRay in her office on all of her patients. She is affiliated with University of Toronto, and the Women’s College Hospital Environmental Health Unit, and Sunnybrook Hospital. She swears by it for the hardest to treat patients.

Psoriasis and other skin disorders: Psoriasis like many skin disorders is actually a liver disorder. It happens when certain toxins from food cannot be normally eliminated via the liver, so they’re sent out to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat. When they hit the cells just under the skin, the body begins to over produce skin cells by a factor of 10,000 times. The toxins come out on dead skin cells.By sweating profusely and regularly, these toxins are instead carried out on the droplets of sweat and the symptoms of psoriasis are alleviated. The discomfort that lasted a lifetime is so relieved that psoriasis patients are among our most joyous customers.

Arthritis: The heaters in the corners deeply penetrate major joints and aid in soft tissue repair. The energy from the heat helps to break up Lactic Acid which can gather and cause muscle cramping. The soft tissue, and Connective Tissue which concerns arthritics, is made more supple and pliable and less brittle and tight.

• Cancer: There are practitioners using SaunaRay for Breast Cancer treatment but this is in conjunction with many other therapies, sometimes even with chemo therapy and surgery. So it is not to be considered as a cure for Cancer.…However… Every doctor who has studied the material on Far Infrared Sauna states unequivocally that regular sessions will expunge toxins known to cause cancer. Including Lead, Mercury, plastics and pthalates, dioxin, fibrocystic breasts pesticides, and heavy metals. Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur , ND author of The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, supports the use of infrared sauna preventively for breast cancer and suggests that they need to become a regular part of our lifestyle to protect ourselves and our children from breast cancer.
• Fertility : Before conceiving it is recommended that both partners do a full series of 10 sessions to fully detoxify. It is recommended to begin 3 months before you conceive as toxins continue to be released for several months after the therapy is completed.

• Other Health Conditions such as: Hormonal Imbalances, PMS, Neurological Ailments, ADD, Infertility, Autoimmune Diseases , Environmental Illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, related to chemical toxicity and carcinogenic substances have been documented to improve from FIRS

At the ReviveLife Clinic we have seen those with positive indican bowl test ( showing the bowls are not functioning well to digest and hence toxic byproducts being present ) clearup within a 10 session treatment program. These are often in children who experience behaviour concerns such as ADD, Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder.
We have also seen clear up in a 10 session treatment plan. Fibrocystic breast disease is a potential risk factor to breast cancer.

How does it work?

It uses ceramic heaters which naturally penetrate your body very efficiently. It penetrates two inches deep and triggers your sweat glands to start functioning before your core body temperature goes up . The impact is that you are able to perspire for longer at a lower temperature.

What is the Far Infrared part?

The Far Infrared refers to the band of the light spectrum where ceramic vibrates. Infrared means “ Below Red” or just under the visible light part of the spectrum. Far means its at the far end of the infrared spectrum. Thus it is a technical name assigned to the function of the emitters. The ceramic heaters operate the same as glass or sand which has high silica content. These reflect Far Infrared waves from the sun naturally, like heat coming through a cool area such as a window when it is freezing. If you were to place an ice cube on a ceramic plate and another on a plastic plate, the one on the ceramic plate would melt in seconds while the one on the plastic plate would take 20 minutes. It is because water receives at the far infrared wavelength. When it is absorbing room temperature very quickly on the F-I-R waves vibrating from the ceramic. Our bodies being mostly water absorb on the far infrared wavelength. When the ceramic emitters are heated the sauna warms up and our bodies absorb the heat very quickly and we perspire very efficiently.

How is an Infrared Sauna different from a Regular Sauna and why is it Better ?

The high heat saunas use 7000-10,000 watts and shock the cardiovascular system. This was long thought to be good to strengthen the arteries (when used in conjunction with cold water at intervals). Most people can’t go in a high heat sauna for more than ten minutes. It’s not enough time to sweat significantly.In a high heat sauna the heart is shocked, the skin can go pink due to the fast circulation to the extremities, blood can pool in the ankles, and it is so hot in the lungs that many people complain of a “claustrophobic” feeling, or need to flee. This is why a traditional sauna is not recommended for those that have a heart condition or are asthmatic.

The Far Infrared sauna is such low, soft and comfortable heat that virtually no one is sensitive to it. You can set the temperature as low as 35 C, and leave the window open to ensure cool air in your lungs, but still get warm enough to break a sweat. The Infrared Sauna uses a low wattage heater usually 1500 watts. Far Infrared Sauna penetrates the body’s surface with Infrared energy by about 2 inches deep. It allows you to perspire and detoxify at a lower more comfortable environmental temperature thus raising the body’s core temperature gently allowing detoxification of the environmental pollutants. Thus people who may have health conditions such as heart conditions and asthmatics , in which high heat is contraindicated can safely experience the benefits. The comfortable temperature also allows you to remain in the Infrared Sauna longer allowing for deeper detoxification.

The Infrared Sauna at Optihealth is the SaunaRay, it’s heaters are 160 watts each – the lower they are, the longer they stay in the critical range of 4-14 microns. A micron is tiny unit of measurement, in this case measuring the distance between the crest and the trough of a wave – or the “wavelength”.). The low wattage means the ceramic stays vibrating in the critical far infrared wavelength. The heat is absorbed by the outer two inches of your body. Your sweat glands are triggered to start working BEFORE THE CORE BODY TEMPERATURE GOES UP. This means you’re sweating before you feel hot.

Is it safe?

Very safe. It does not emit dangerous waves like Ultra Violet or Micro waves. Those are on the opposite side of the spectrum. Infra-Red simply means “Below Red” or “invisible” when practically applied to the description. When Campfire embers glow, they glow red, the rocks next to them are hot, but not red. Those are “Infra Red”. It’s a natural process, you’re just heating ceramic and letting the heat absorb into your skin.The heaters are protected by a ceramic coated caging that is child-safe to touch. Even when the heaters have been on for 12 hours!

What is it made of ? and why not cedar?

Cedar is associated with saunas because the high-heat saunas originated in Scandinavia where cedar was a plentiful wood. Also, it performs well in highly moist environments because it grows in swampy areas. But there is no moisture in these saunas so it’s not necessary. Also CEDAR IS NATURALLY TOXIC. It has a natural insecticide in it. It’s carried on that powerful cedar aroma. It is used for clothing chests and to line drawers and closets because it kills moths. That much neurotoxin volatilizing in a small room is not recommended. Also Cedar is now considered a Workplace Hazard by provincial workers compensation boards. It is not advised for this type of sauna. The oils can volatilize from the heaters and fill the room with cedar oils that are not good for you over long periods.

What type of wood is used and recommended?

Basswood. This is the least allergenic wood in North America. In the SaunaRay no plywood and no toxic glues of any sort is used. It is finished in Beeswax to ensure purity in the preservation process. Some cheaper imported units use Hemlock. This is a cheaper wood that rots easily and is used for packing crates in Canada. Some higher end saunas charge a premium for Basswood, or for Poplar, which is also non-allergenic.

Does it heat up the room around it?

No the air stays in the sauna and the surrounding area does not heat up.

What is the heater made of?

Pure ceramic. There is a hair-thin wire filament running through it.. They have a concave shape which allows the edges to fan-out the waves and the heat to cover a larger area. The Stainless steel reflectors are mirrored and made out of 100% surgical grade stainless steel. They reflect the far infrared heat even wider, ensuring a complete 360 degree coverage inside. You are surrounded by far infrared heat!

If I find traditional saunas too hot, is the Infrared different?

The Infrared sauna is completely different. It operates effectively at a comfortable temperature range of 110-125 degrees Fahrenheit versus traditional saunas which can reach extremes of 190-210 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be unbearable for many. You can also slide open the window if you would like more room temperature air.

How do I know how long my session should be and at what temperature?

It is recommended to have an initial consult to assess this information for you. This program is medically supervised. Most people will begin with a 15minute session of perspiration and increase by 5 minutes each session to reach a 30 minute perspiration treatment session. Note – the time it takes for people to begin perspiring varies for each individual , so an hour sauna session is booked for you to allow a relaxed treatment.

Can more than 1 person go into the sauna at a time?

The sauna is designed to fit one person lying down or two people sitting. We have had mothers or fathers and a child go in very comfortably. These children show wonderful benefits in particular in behaviour because they digest more efficiently and don’t react as much to their allergens or sensitivities.

Are there any Contraindications for Infrared Sauna?

Woman who have lymphedema following breast cancer surgery need to be very cautious about using the sauna, as it may aggravate this condition. Do not use the sauna or detoxify if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you have kidney, liver disease or a seizure disorder consult with a medical doctor before beginning. Do not do the program without supervision if you are anaemic or have sutures from surgery.

Do I need to prepare for a session ?

At ReviveLife it is most optimal to have a session fully hydrated and with optimal blood sugar levels, so we recommend drinking at least 10 oz of water and eating a light meal 1 hour before your session.

Because you will be perspiring it is also recommended to replenish your mineral salts, so Sauna Ray Salts can be purchased in the dispensary. It is recommended that you use 1 tsp to mix in 10 oz of water and consume one during treatment and one after treatment

Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule Medical Far Infrared Sauna Program

1. Cost Per Session $25

2. 10 Session Package, 2 Free $250

3. 4 month membership
unlimited use during
regular clinic hours $500

Each session is 15 minutes to 1 hr according to recommended Individual Treatment Schedule

Note – The above rates are for packages, memberships paid in full . We are committed to make the program work for you , if at any time a refund is desired we are happy to refund your investment at a prorated rate ( ie each session used will be invoiced 25 and the cost difference balanced at point of termination of package or membership)

Note- all bookings are booked in priority sequence.

Enjoy Your Path To Optimal Health


  1. 4 Large Bath Towels i. 1 to lay on top of bench to sit/lie on
    ii. 1 to lie on the floor for your feet to put on
    iii. 1 for around your body or on your back
    iv. 1 to dry off after spray down
  2.  4 Small Face Cloths- to use to spot wipe perspiration while in the sauna
  3. 1 litre of water with GLASS cup to hold 10 oz
  4. Purchased Sauna ray salts with 1 tsp ( to mix 1 tsp in 10 oz of water , one to consume during treatment and the other to consume post treatement) Sauna ray salts can be purchased in the dispensary.
  5. Jogging suit/old clothes to put on post treatment
  6. Any CD music you wish to listen to inside the sauna OR MP3 Player OR iPod
  7. ( the sauna has 2 speakers built in and you can just plug your MP3 Player or iPod into them)
  8.  Bathing Suit if desired to wear during treatment